Healthcare IT News Reports High Job Satisfaction

According to a report compiled by Healthcare IT News, the job satisfaction rate for healthcare IT professionals is currently among the highest in the medical profession. There are a number of reasons for this high satisfaction level, but many who responded to the online survey – conducted between July 1 and August 30, 2014 – reported that the above-average pay was one of the leading factors. These findings were published in the issue of Healthcare IT News released on September 19, 2014.

Average Salaries

Healthcare IT professionals reported an average salary of almost $90,000 a year. For many in the healthcare industry, this is not that high, but it is at the upper level of IT salaries. The survey broke down the reports by position. Project managers held the highest average salary, with most making over $110,000 a year. Informatics came in second with an average pay of just under $95,000. Those who worked as system analysts or implementation consultants made between $80,000 and $82,000 a year. These salaries were highly competitive with similar positions in other industries.


Factors that Contributed to Differences in Pay

Not all healthcare IT professionals made the same amount of money. Location was a major contributing factor to salaries, with those who worked in rural locations making less money on average than those who worked in large hospital complexes in urban areas. Gender also played a factor – women, on average, were paid less, even when their qualifications and experience were the same. On average, men made around $99,500 per year while women healthcare IT experts have an annual average salary of only $82,000. Generally, those professionals who worked for a larger medical practice or hospital also received more in compensation than those who worked for single-practice or smaller clinics.

The final data shows that those who worked for consulting companies made the highest amount of money, with most earning almost $110,000 on a yearly basis. As far as geographical pay goes, the Mid-Atlantic area reported the highest annual pay of a little under $106,000. Experience also played a major part in salaries. Those who have worked in the IT industry, especially the healthcare IT industry, for more than 20 years averaged $145,000 in pay as compared to the $70,000 salaries given to those who had been in the industry for two years or less.

Job Satisfaction

While salary certainly had an effect on job satisfaction, many in the healthcare IT industry also cited the chance to learn as one of the reasons they were highly satisfied with their work. They stressed that the ever-changing industry and new challenges provided them with the opportunity to acquire new skills and even be creative in their work. Others appreciated the chance for career advancement and the ability to earn more money as they gained experience and moved into positions that carried more responsibility. Work flexibility was another factor in job satisfaction – due to the fact that hospitals are staffed 24/7, many were able to work hours that best fit their daily schedules. Finally, more than half of the IT professionals who participated in the survey stated that they loved being able to do what they did best on a daily basis and felt that their actions contributed to patients’ increased health.

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