Middle Skill Positions See Big Increases

Middle skill positions are considered jobs that typically require only a couple of years of education beyond high school. Sometimes, these jobs actually require no further education –everything is done as on-the-job training. These jobs have started to grow at large rates, especially those in the healthcare industry, because it is fairly easy to train new professionals. These positions are also quite attractive for a number of reasons.

Why Middle Skill Positions?

Because these positions usually only require at most a two-year degree, they are very attractive to those who want to change careers or who do not want to get a four-year degree. These degrees do not require going into nearly as much debt as four-year degrees do, and those on scholarships may be able to completely afford their education without any student loans at all. It is also much faster to get into the workforce. Those who are changing careers may not be able to take four years off work. Doing a two-year degree may be much more feasible, and some accelerated programs do not even take that long. They are able to quickly get back into the workforce in a new career.


Those middle skill positions that do not require a degree, only a certification or on-the-job training, are even more attractive to some people. Radiologic technologists, for example, may be able to learn how to do their jobs without much investment in a formal education program. In no time at all, they can be earning enough money to support themselves and their families.

Healthcare Positions

Healthcare is starting to rely more and more on these middle skill positions because of the shortages in several key areas. Nursing, especially, has been in need of middle skill positions. While only certified nurses are able to do a number of tasks, there are some things they do on a daily basis that can be passed off to others. For example, a middle skill position of office worker may be able to gather patient information, call and give patients some test results, and check patients in. This allows nurses and physician assistants to spend more time with patients.

Dental hygienists are another middle skill position that is becoming more and more sought after. Those who hold an associate’s degree in dental hygiene can quickly make more than $35 an hour. This is quite possibly more than some people with master’s degrees will make. Even jobs that require only a high school diploma, such as that of pharmacy technician, can make more than $15 an hour. No further education is required here, only on-the-job training and a desire to learn quickly.

High Demand for Nurses

The number of registered nurse jobs are expected to increase 10 percent by 2017. This means that those with two-year associate’s degrees are going to be in very high demand. Fortunately, students are responding, and nursing schools often have to turn away qualified individuals because they have too many students enrolled. This is very good news for the nursing industry, except more and more upper level positions are now requiring bachelor’s degrees. However, even those with an associate’s can find a good middle skill position that pays very well.

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