Sports Medicine Jobs and Devices Expected to Grow Substantially

A brand-new report from Transparency Market Research (TMR) bodes well for the sports medicine industry in America. The research shows that the global market for sports medicine devices is expected to grow by more than 4% through the end of the decade, to approximately $8 trillion. As the market grows, there should also be proportional growth in sports medicine jobs. Whether those jobs grow at the same rate remains to be seen.

Sports medicine devices are considered any devices or equipment used to protect patient health during athletic activities or diagnose and treat sports related illnesses and injuries. The broad category includes things such as arthroscopic equipment, artificial joints, fracture repair equipment, prosthetic devices, performance monitoring equipment, etc.


Sports and a Healthier Lifestyle

TMR says the driving force in the expanding sports medicine market is a growing desire among people to live healthier lifestyles. Between government agencies, healthcare providers and advocacy groups, healthier lifestyles are being promoted as a way to reduce healthcare costs by reducing the chances of developing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Changes in both diet and exercise are the inevitable result of such advocacy.

Where exercise is concerned, more people are looking at competitive sports or high-intensity training to achieve their goals. It stands to reason. As long as they are going to make a point of exercising, people might just as well do so as part of a local sports team. Being part of a team makes it easier to get the exercise one needs in an environment one enjoys.

Unfortunately, a new emphasis on competitive sports and intense training also increases the likelihood of sports related injuries. Doctors are routinely seeing more knee injuries and broken bones, for example, among non-professional athletes engaging in competitive sports for fitness purposes.

This suggests the sports medicine jobs of the future will entail much more than just treatment of injuries. They will include professionals with expertise in preventing injuries from happening. Personal trainers, equipment managers and sports medicine consultants will all be working together to keep athletes safe on the field of competition. This bodes well for both the employment picture and the device manufacturing market.

Sports Medicine Jobs

For physicians, sports medicine offers an attractive opportunity to continue practicing in healthcare without many of the hassles that come with general practice or some of the more sophisticated specialties. If a doctor is lucky enough to land a position with a professional sports team or a specialty sports clinic, his or her career path will be decidedly different.

That said, doctors practicing sports medicine are not the only ones that stand to benefit from an increased emphasis on healthy lifestyles. There will also be room for growth among nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, trainers and the manufacturers of sports medicine devices. We can even envision an entire new army of pharmaceutical sales reps who deal in nothing but medical sports devices.

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