Top 10 Allied Health Jobs for 2013

So you’re interested in a career in healthcare but you don’t like the idea of being a doctor or nurse. What can you do? You might consider pursuing one of the hundreds of different types of Allied health jobs available. Statistics show that these positions make up roughly 60% of the healthcare industry. Most offer very good pay and working conditions.

To give you an idea of what’s out there, we’ve compiled our top 10 Allied health jobs for 2013. This list is based on a combination of average compensation, job availability, and worker satisfaction. We’ve listed them here in descending order.

Top 10 Allied Health Jobs

10. Diet and Nutrition – $53,000 annually

Dietitians and nutritionists are gaining newfound respect thanks to changing attitudes about the relationship between overall health and diet. These professionals are instrumental in using nutrition to help improve and maintain health.

9. Medical Sonography – $65,000 annually

A medical sonographer is someone who operates what is commonly known as an ultrasound machine. These technicians use sonography for a variety of purposes including early detection of breast cancer, diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries, and monitoring pregnancies.

8. Prosthetic Technicians – $65,000 annually

Also known as orthotists, these highly skilled individuals design and create prosthetic devices for those in need. This is an exciting career for people who like to combine technology with their desire to help the disabled.

7. Speech Therapy – $66,000 annually

Also known as speech language pathologists, these professionals earn a master’s degree in order to help individuals with speech and communication problems. Many speech therapists work with children in educational environments.

6. Audiology – $66,000 annually

An audiologist is a degreed professional whose job involves helping to diagnose and treat ear issues. Licensing requirements vary by state.

5. Dental Hygiene – $69,000 annually

The dental hygienist has an Associate’s degree at minimum. This Allied health job involves working alongside a dentist to educate patients about oral hygiene. The hygienist’s primary role is to promote good oral health.

4. Nuclear Medicine Technician – $69,000 annually

This is an interesting field of Allied health involving a combination of drugs and specialized equipment. Nuclear medicine combines the two mediums to help identify and diagnose certain conditions that are hard to detect using other means.

3. Occupational Therapy – $73,000 annually

The occupational therapist is tasked with helping patients achieve maximum functionality in order to allow them to live as independently as possible. Occupational therapy requires a Master’s degree and an incredible amount of creativity.

2. Radiation Therapy – $75,000 annually

A radiation therapist is a trained health care worker with a minimum Associate’s degree. Most have a bachelor’s degree as well. Radiation therapy is the practice of using radiation and other means to treat cancer patients.

1. Physical Therapy – $76,000 annually

Physical therapy involves helping patients achieve maximum mobility following surgery, serious illness, accidents, and so on. Most states require a master’s degree along with licensure. Many physical therapists go on to earn a doctoral degree.