A PSA on How to Address PAs

A physician assistant took to Twitter this week to offer up a public service announcement on how to address PAs, an issue that seems to frequently arise, and one that many still manage to bungle.

“Physician assistant” seems like a straight-forward enough title. However, some still add ‘s to the end of “physician”, as if implying a physician’s ownership of a PA, as opposed to the PA being a colleague of the physician. To help avoid this, David J. Bunnell, MSHS, PA-C created a handy graphic that you, too, can share to help educate the public on how to correctly refer to PAs.

“PAs mean no disrespect to any other healthcare professional. We all share the same mission to help patients feel better and live longer,” Bunnell said when asked about his tweet, and we couldn’t agree more.

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