Quality of Care by Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants Equal in Health Centers

In community health centers, PAs and NPs deliver care equivalent to that of primary care physicians, according to a new first-of-its-kind study.

from Contemporary Clinic

Under the Affordable Care Act, there‚Äôs a growing dependence on community health centers in the United States—particularly among medically underserved areas that typically serve low-income, uninsured, minority, and immigrant populations. As a result, the health care system is increasingly relying on non-physician clinicians to provide primary care.

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Why My Health System Collects and Publishes Patient Reviews

Physicians and health care systems should welcome the opinions of patients, learn from them, and share them with the public.

from STAT

It’s no secret that the US health care system needs to improve. Consumers — in this case patients and employers — have more collective power to influence change than they realize by choosing how, where, and from whom they get health care. Uber, Nordstrom, and many other companies seek their customers’ opinions and respond to them. Health care needs to follow suit to become the patient-centered service industry that it should be.

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