Why Get the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree?

There is a forward push for the DNP to be the required degree in order to practice as an NP, but what is the point of the DNP?

from Sincerely, Meagan

What is the point of the DNP? It’s been about a semester and a half so far into my DNP curriculum, and I can tell you that some of my peers (sometimes me, too) have been questioning whether or not spending this extra money and time to obtain a Doctorate is necessary and worth it. I can tell you so far that the DNP type classes we have taken so far at Columbia are focusing a lot more in nursing leadership, looking to improve the quality of healthcare, understand where improvements can be made… whether in hospital or at clinics, etc. Everyone’s career goals are different. So since it is not yet a requirement to have this terminal Doctorate degree in order to practice as a NP, I urge those who are considering MSN vs DNP prepared nurse practitioner programs to do their research (weigh the costs between programs, the length of time, etc.).

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