10 Healthcare Roles Top Riskiest List

In what may come as a surprise to very few, the top ten riskiest jobs in terms of possible COVID-19 exposure are patient-facing roles in healthcare.

In what may come as a surprise to very few, of the 100 riskiest occupations in terms of exposure to COVID-19, the top ten riskiest jobs are patient-facing roles in healthcare.

Though no federal or U.S. state governments have released occupational data as it pertains to COVID-19 deaths, we were able to use the COVID-19 Occupational Risk Score to rank which roles may make people more susceptible to contracting the virus. The COVID-19 Occupational Risk Score, which was developed by Visual Capitalist and the World Economic Forum, scores occupations based on data from the U.S. Labor Department’s O*NET Database. Data points examined to determine risk include how often one is exposed to diseases and infections in their job, one’s proximity to other human beings while at work on a daily basis, whether or not there is regular direct contact with the general population, and more.

Of the ten jobs ranked as being of the highest risk during the pandemic, the riskiest job, with a near-maximum risk score of 99.7, went to Dental Hygienists. Trailing closely behind, the second riskiest job, as identified by the analysis, was Respiratory Therapy Technicians, with a risk score of 95.0. Registered Nurses—who have often been seen by many as the face of healthcare’s frontlines—ranked as the seventh riskiest position, with a risk score of 86.1.

Here are the top ten riskiest positions, as well as their COVID-19 Risk Scores:

  1. Dental Hygienists, 99.7
  2. Respiratory Therapy Technicians, 95.0
  3. Dental Assistants, 92.5
  4. Dentists, General, 92.1
  5. Orderlies (Patient Care Assistants), 90.2
  6. Family and General Practitioners, 90.1
  7. Registered Nurses, 86.1
  8. Respiratory Therapists, 84.2
  9. Radiologic Technicians, 84.1
  10. Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses, 82.1

Not in the top ten? If you want to find out if and where your position ranked, click here to see the top 100 riskiest jobs.

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  1. I am a retired RN. I spent my 35 years working various types of Intensive Care. Adult, Pediatric ICU and Neonatal ICU. I cry ? for all of the nurses and health care professionals on the front lines!

  2. Every day I go to work I am worried that this deadly virus will get me. But I take precautions when caring for my patients

  3. Amazing that you did not include anesthesia providers in the top 2 on this list!

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