12 Foot Care Tricks for Nurses with Tired Feet

from Massage Boss

According to a survey conducted by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, nearly all nurses (93%) suffer from swollen and painful feet after their shift. If left untreated, foot pain can negatively impact your job satisfaction, efficiency, and long-term health. Because of this, it’s essential for every nurse to do their best to take care of their feet. Learn how to put your best foot forward with these helpful foot care tips.

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    kathleen caulfield

    Great Article – Nurses truly need to look at their feet and take care of them, especially on the health care floors that are concrete slabs. I always buy sneakers with a thick sole that is flexible and change them every 3 months. You know when you need to get a new pair as your shins or back start to hurt. Also, invest in arch supports.

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