5 Reasons to Consider Travel Therapy

If you are a new graduate, or even a seasoned therapy professional with a sense of adventure, now might be the time to consider the unique opportunity available to you that is travel therapy. Often 13-week contract jobs, located more than 50 miles from your home, travel therapy positions typically include benefits that you cannot find in at home. Here are five reasons consider signing on the dotted line and packing your bags.

  1. Travel the Country: Travel is an obvious perk. Taking on travel assignments allows you to get out and see the world—or at least far corners of the United States—all while getting paid for it.
  2. Enjoy Variety: As a travel therapist, you can work in a variety of settings, with all kinds of populations, and really find your career sweet spot, while not looking like you’re just aimlessly bouncing from job to job.
  3. Get Paid More: Travel therapists, on average, have the opportunity to earn 20% more than their counterparts who do not travel.
  4. Avoid Burnout: One of the keys to staving off burnout is avoiding repetition, the daily grind, and you can do so by changing the scenery 13 weeks at a time.
  5. Get Truly Beneficial Benefits: Travel assignments often come with benefits you cannot find at your local SNF or clinic, including tuition reimbursement, license reimbursements, travel reimbursements, free housing, medical, vision, dental, and more.

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