7 Reasons to Love Working in Therapy

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day. Not just romantic love, though. Here are seven reasons therapy professionals shared with us about why they love working in therapy, today and all days.

1. “I make a difference in the lives of others through my work as a PT, and I love that I get to see the direct results of a job well done pay off in such a positive way for people.” – Louis P.

2. “I’ve lived and worked in seven different states in the last few years. Not a lot of jobs let you travel the way you can by working in therapy. I love that I get to see the world, or at least a bunch of the United States, and get paid for it.” – Amanda R.

3. “You get to make some really great connections with people in this line of work while positively impacting their lives. I love that.” – Sarah W.

4. “You’ve heard of the opioid crisis, right? Yeah. I get to be on the front line of saving lives by offering an alternative to that mess. Don’t do drugs. Do PT.” – Jason D.

5. “There is no better feeling than empowering other people to build confidence in themselves and their voice. Watching a patient achieve a goal, no matter how big or how small, makes being an SLP a monumentally rewarding profession.” – Alison D.

6. “I get to work with such a diverse group of people in my line of work. The stories I’ve been told, the things I have seen. I don’t think I could’ve experienced that in another job and I love that I have been able to interact with so many different and fascinating humans over the course of my career.” – Sandra C.

7. “I love that being an OT is an active job and that I’m never bored during my workday.” – Lance T.

Disclaimer: The viewpoint expressed in this article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the viewpoint of the owners or employees at Healthcare Staffing Innovations, LLC.