According to This Doctor, NPs Are Not the Cure for Rural Health Woes

““Apples and oranges” does not even come close to comparing the levels of knowledge and training between nurse practitioners and physicians,” says Dr. Sudhakar Madakasira.

from Clarion Ledger

Allowing nurse practitioners to practice without oversight of physicians could help address access to care shortages in Mississippi, particularly in rural areas. However, physicians, including those in the state of Mississippi and American Medical Association, say there is no substitute for the advanced education and training doctors receive.

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2 thoughts on “According to This Doctor, NPs Are Not the Cure for Rural Health Woes”

  1. I never heard so much ignorance. More than enough evidence show that NPs are more than capable to deliver competent and safe care to their patients, and do so in over 20 states that have allowed them to practice to full extent of their training. The AMA and physicians like this that ignore the evidence and prevent patient of getting the care they need, due to greed of fear of loosing power. Preposterous

  2. I am not understanding why physicians continue to wage this war against NPs, because they are, and clearly will, lose the battle. Because of the quality of the care NPs offer and their willingness to take on work assignments in remote places that MDs will not go, we are indispensible. We are also indispensible in cities. Actually, we’re pretty indispensible anywhere in the US. Ok, doc, talk to me about education; I am a NP with a PhD and have easily spent as many years in school as you have. Would 11 qualify? And more and more NPs will have their doctorates, just like pharmacists and other professions. So my dear doc, you are outnumbered, out measured, out of reality and out of luck. So grin and accept the inevitable and here’s a bit of advice: if you’ve never really gotten to know a NP, you might learn to like our style of providing total care of the person, indifferent to time slots.

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