Dave’s Blog: 7 Things You Can’t Say as a PA or NP

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    George F. (Rick) Hillegas, EdD (Psy), MPH. P{A-C, DFAAPA

    Nicely done, but you may have alienated a few physicians. Medicine is in the midst of change because it hasn’t meet the needs of the patients. I support the NPs and PA’s in their fight for independence at the primary care level.
    I will be glad to share you comments with our students and direct them to your blog!

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    Rich Combs, PA-C

    Hello Dave,

    I always enjoy you comments, wherever I find them. With age and experience comes wisdom, which clearly you have both. Great insight and advice.

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    Kiesha C

    I love this video and it explains my frustrations perfectly!! I am so tired of “explaining” these words that do NOT describe ANYTHING I do or what my job actually is!! I’m over it and the laws, “other professions,” & entire world need to get over it too!!! Eliminate these barriers and let us do our jobs to continue making the lives of our patients better!

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