What Healthcare’s Heroes Are Giving Thanks for This Year

What are you thankful for?

The question may seem simple, but, for many, we know it is not simple at all.

2020 has been a year that has brought about tremendous uncertainty, and one that has caused so many to face unthinkable circumstances, particularly those who work in healthcare. You have seen some truly harrowing things this year, have been asked to reach even further past your burnout, to save this nation. You have been called heroes, and rightly so.

And, for some, given all you’ve endured, it is almost hard to fathom that there has been anything good in this year. That there have been victories and triumphs. That hope lives on.

But no matter what situation this year has found you in, we promise you, there are still things to be thankful for. Even if it is just the breath in your lungs or the dawn of a new day. Small miracles are miracles all the same, and there are always reasons to be thankful.

“What are you thankful for?” we asked, and you answered. Here’s what healthcare professionals are most thankful for this year.

“I’m grieving, but I’m grateful. We, as a country, and as an industry, have lost so much. We have been through so much. But this year has taught me to take nothing for granted, and in a weird, terrible way, I’m thankful for that.”
— Alexis M., Nurse Practitioner

“I am thankful for the fellow healthcare workers who took care of my daughter while she was being diagnosed with a rare lung disease during a time when they were already taxed and tired. [And] I’m thankful to be one of the most accessible healthcare workers during a time when many patients could not access their primary care teams.”
— Michelle H., Pharmacist

“Honestly, I’m not thankful for much. But I am thankful to be alive. After losing patients and coworkers to the virus, that’s definitely something to be grateful for. I am still here, and I am thankful for that.”
— Brian O., Registered Nurse

“I’m thankful for my knowledge, my passion, and my strength, which have enabled me to be there for my patients during this very hard year.”
— Jennifer R., Licensed Practical Nurse

“Let’s cut right to the chase: I’m thankful for science, and I’m not very thankful for those who have denied it this year.”
— David S., Physician

“Each day is a gift, life is fragile.”
— Marie S., Cardiology/EKG Technician

“Health, family, being able to keep working.”
— Pedro C., Physician

“I am thankful for my family, for keeping my spirits up and for being there for me always, and that goes for my work family, too.”
— Jessica J., Registered Nurse

“I’m just thankful to still have a job. I know a lot of people can’t say that right now.”
— Megan T., Medical Billing Specialist

“[I’m thankful] that the healthcare field is always and will always be there when needed. I’m grateful to be in such a powerful sector that has come through time and time again for the public. I’m thankful for being a healthcare worker.”
— Loretta I., Mental Health Associate

“That after 44 years as a nurse, 42 years being in surgery, my family when we celebrated my retirement made me realize that everyday I made a difference in someones life. I didn’t just go to an office and help my boss or company make money.”
— Linda W., Registered Nurse

“I’m thankful for my faith, my family, and my life. This year. Always.”
— Heather G., Speech-Language Pathologist

No matter what this year has found you thankful for, please know that all of us here at HealthJobsNationwide.com are profoundly thankful for you. Wishing you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving.
Most Sincerely,
The HealthJobsNationwide.com Team

Disclaimer: The viewpoint expressed in this article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the viewpoint of the owners or employees at Healthcare Staffing Innovations, LLC.

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  1. Sherry singh

    I am a nurse who sees people of all works of life my heart goes out to them, some are just angry, sad and very Unhappy and they lash out at nurses and other health care workers. I listen to them let them vent, do my best to provide my best care to them, knowing that they have no one else they can see or tell how they are feeling. Fear, anger and pain does not usually bring the best in people. Every time before going to work I p red ay God give strength and understanding and right words to say and feel my heart with compassion, kindness and love so I can provide the care like I would take care of my loved ones so I am very thankful that my god does listens to my prayers and i am thankful that I’m able to give my best to my patients. I want to thank all the health care team for working so hard under trying times my heart ♥️ and prayers to all of you

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