How to Help Your Fellow Nurses Deal with Disaster Relief

The American Nurses Foundation is collecting donations to support nurses in their disaster response and recovery following the recent hurricanes.

The American Nurses Association has begun collecting donations via the American Nurses Foundation to help nurses who have been affected by the recent natural disasters in the United States, including Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. 100% of the funds raised will directly support nurses in their disaster response and recovery efforts in southeastern Texas, Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and more, and will be distributed to charities on the ground to benefit those in need as soon as possible.

To make a donation or share the donation link, please visit, or learn more about the American Nurses Foundation at

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1 thought on “How to Help Your Fellow Nurses Deal with Disaster Relief”

  1. I worked in the Virgin islands a few years ago and experienced the challenges they had in working on some small island with limited resources, continuous wave of new traveling nurses and cultural diversity. The nurses that lived there permanently have a combination of small island attitude mixed with their out of state advanced education. I have alot of respect for them.
    During hhurraine irma many left their homes to work their shifts during the storm. Their dedication is amazing. Bit then to return back to homes that were damaged or totally destroyed must challenge them on another level.i think this AMA collection is a great idea and I hope it’s benefits get down to those in need in the US I.

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