How Has Nursing “Broken” You?

During your career, you will see a lot of horrific things that will turn into cautionary tales. Nurses took to Twitter this week to discuss theirs.

This week, a trauma ICU nurse who goes by the handle @NurseKelsey, posed a question to the Twitterverse: “What is something non-medical people do [regularly] that you just cannot because of what you know/have seen working in healthcare?”

The replies poured in, ranging from funny gifs to more serious answers to the question, but one thing seemed certain—everyone who works in healthcare has seen something they would not want to happen to themselves or their loved ones.

One of the most popular responses included not using or letting their children use a trampoline or go to a trampoline park, or as one Twitter user called it, “otherwise known as the orthopedists’ waiting room annex.”

Some of the more serious responses included:

“Refuse the flu shot.” – @MarieJetteSLP
“Ride in the passenger seat with your feet up on the dash.” – @vfedirkadirka
“Live life without an advance directive and medical POA.” – @RN_Atheist
“Buy and use guns.” – @jro_joe
“Complain about wait times in the emergency room/clinic/urgent care.” – @AnnYoungMD

And some were a bit more lighthearted:

“So, I’m not remotely germ phobic (like, it hasn’t killed me yet), but I can’t watch medical shows without yelling at the TV.” – @MelissaSKeefer
“Oh, for sure, meth.” – @nazirahidris
“Get pregnant. L&D rotation is the most effective contraceptive there is.” – @darkwyngMD
“Eat at a normal pace at home. #NurseLunch #EatOnTheRun #NoTime” – @xo_Harmony_xo
“Say the ‘q’ word that rhymes with riot without cringing & checking to see if anyone heard. Especially on Friday & Saturday nights.” – @dawnphoenixk

What do you have to add? How has nursing “broken” you in ways that non-nurses don’t think about? Tell us in the comments below.

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