The Implications of the Opioid Lawsuits

from Axios

It’s not at all clear municipalities will win, but the lawsuits represent something larger — policymakers want more scrutiny and oversight for companies that make and deliver painkillers instead of heaping blame on people who suffer from addiction.

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  1. Debra Marek

    Honestly, I do not believe that a Pharmacist would have anything to do with Opioid Addiction. Just as I do not believe that Doctors are pushing Opioids as their first line of defense, for pain alleviation. Obviously there are immoral people in all fields of practice (e.g. Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, etc…). But, as a whole, I do not believe any single profession is responsible for such matter. The blame needs to fall on the addict. 99% of the time, addicts are the ones getting over on doctors, going doctor shopping, filling Rx’s at different pharmacies, so on and so forth. It’s outright ugly, but it’s true. And, I’ve seen it a million times over. It’s just easier to blame another person than to put blame where it belongs. A lot of people (e.g. family members of addicts) do not like to blame the addict because it’s a reflection of how they raised that addicted person (which is not even true). Plus, people see addicts as weak, sick-minded and helpless individuals. People feel sorry for them. And, no one likes to place blame on an individual who is a poor helpless person. I am a Social Worker, and I have been opiate-free for a long time now. No one, and I mean no one, was to blame for my addiction ~ other than myself. I did it all on my own. I would Doctor shop for 15 years (even through undergraduate school and graduate school….and thereafter). BUT….JUST AS I GOT MYSELF into this situation, it was my responsibility to get myself out!!!! And………..I did. I hope others can do the same. But, please, everyone, STOP BLAMING EVERYONE except for the person who really needs to be blamed ~ THE ADDICT.

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