Lateral Violence in the Workplace

Lateral violence has been defined as “nurses covertly or overtly directing their dissatisfaction inward toward each other, towards themselves, and toward those less powerful than themselves,” which can take many forms.

from On the Pulse

The media often portrays the discord between physicians and nurses, but little attention is given to the issue of nurse-on-nurse discord, or lateral violence in the workplace, yet it is estimated that 46 to 100 percent of nurses’ experience lateral violence (i.e. incivility and bullying).

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1 thought on “Lateral Violence in the Workplace”

  1. This is a disgrace. I’m shocked. We urgently need to do something with this. Did you know that, Wikipedia: “Lateral violence is displaced violence directed against one’s peers rather than adversaries. This construct is one way of explaining minority-on-minority violence in developed nations.[citation needed] Those experiencing and those committing lateral violence more likely to be involved in crime in the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.[citation needed] In Australia and Canada, lateral violence is widely seen as an intergenerational learned pattern and major social problem in indigenous communities.[1] In Australia surveys have reported that up to 95% of Aboriginal youth had witnessed lateral violence in the home, and that 95% of the bullying experienced by Aboriginals was perpetrated by other Aboriginals”, the source is Hope these terrible things stop. God bless you.

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