Nurses: What Tips & Tricks Do You Have to Share?

Whether you’re a new grad or about to retire, we’re willing to bet you have tips and tricks to share with your fellow nurses, and we want to hear them.

To be a nurse is to be a perpetual student—constantly learning and adapting to an ever-changing profession.

No matter if you are a new grad, or on the verge of retirement, there are always tips and tricks to take note of, or—better yet—impart to others. Be it sage wisdom (“Never be afraid to speak up for your patient.”), more practical tips (“Shaving cream on the outside of your mask helps with gross smells.”), or even what you might think should be common sense (“Always pee when you have the chance.”), we want to hear it.

So, we’re asking you: what advice would you like to share with your fellow nurses? Submit it below and we’ll be sure to pass it along.

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