Is Your Nursing Career Making You Fat?

Is your nursing career making you fat? A new study says it could be. Take our poll and let us know just how much weight you think this study holds.

Employees with substantial workloads who experience exhaustion or burnout are more likely to emotionally eat and exercise less, behaviors that promote weight gain, according to a study published May 30th in the Journal of Health Psychology.

That sure sounds like a career in nursing, doesn’t it?

This isn’t the first time weight gain has been tied to the profession, either. Previous studies have found that nurses have a high rate of being overweight or obese, and that working the night shift can be linked to an increase in body weight. Though the job comes with many physical demands, and physical activity is a tried and true factor in maintaining a healthy weight, that doesn’t seem to help keep the pounds off when it comes to the emotional weight of nursing.

Have you packed on pounds since becoming a nurse, or do you feel as if this study doesn’t hold weight for you? Tell us below.

Have you gained weight, lost weight, or maintained your weight since becoming a nurse?:

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