The Hardest Parts of Nursing

The nursing profession comes with many obvious rewards, be they personal or professional. However, it is also well-documented to be one of the most stressful careers, due to staffing shortages, hospital politics, long hours, and many other factors. Business Insider recently took a deep dive into the minds of nurses and released a list of what they have found to be the top pain points of working nurses. The list, released last week, includes eleven of the hardest challenges faced by nurses today, including:

  1. Experiencing the death of patients
  2. Judgment passed by others about their occupation
  3. Long, stressful hours
  4. A lack of respect from others in the industry
  5. Hospital politics
  6. Non-existent or few bathroom breaks
  7. Outdated and time-consuming technology
  8. Know-it-all patients and their families
  9. Missing out on holidays and weekends
  10. The pressure to know everything
  11. Caring for drug-addicted patients

What do you think is missing from this list? Are you facing struggles that aren’t mentioned above? Feel free to vent about them in the comments.