Medical Drones Will Thrive in Healthcare: A Safe Road to Health

from Medical Futurist

Drones have great potential in making the transport of drugs, vaccines or medical aids faster. They are able to help in circumstances when time is crucial; e.g. in situations requiring urgent responses, during disasters or medical emergencies. Google, the tech giant with a significant medical portfolio, patented a device that can call for a drone in emergency situations to fly in with life-saving medical equipment on board. You would push a button, and a drone would appear on the spot. How amazing would that sound? And what about drones deliver automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) directly to people who have just suffered a heart attack? Researchers from the University of Toronto are already experimenting with the idea based on their inspiration from ambulance drones in the Netherlands.

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    Bradley Davison

    Interesting idea. I have been a critical care paramedic for over 22 years. The effective results in actual live situations/practice at best I believe would be challenging. I cannot help but wonder if there would actually be an improvement in statistical data.
    I will be watching.

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