15 Holiday Wish List Must-Haves for Physicians

No matter what you find yourself celebrating this December—Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Solstice, or just the end of 2020 in general—here are 15 things physicians should add to their holiday wish lists. Or just snag for themselves, because everyone deserves a treat every now and then—especially after this year. From ultra-practical PPE to a fancy coffee maker to fuel even the most exhausted physician, there is something for everyone on this list.

1. The Gift of Mental Wellness via a TalkSpace Gift Card, $79.00+

2. This Light Blocking Sleep Mask to Help You Recharge, Day or Night, $12.99

3. A UV Light Phone Sanitizer, Because Germs, $119.95

4. Some PPE (Because Can You Really Have Enough PPE?), $79.00

5. This Fancy Doctor Fuel Maker, $199.99

6. And an Insulated Cup to Keep Your Doctor Fuel Piping Hot, $34.99

7. Some Extra Cozy Antimicrobial Scrub Pants

Women’s, $32.98+

Men’s, $37.98+

8. A Pair of Stylish (& Seriously Comfortable) Shoes, $95.00

9. A Trusty Stethoscope, $98.99+

10. This Insanely Useful Thing That Makes Cooking a Breeze, Even after Your Longest Day, $59.98+

11. Some Stress Relief In A Jar, $15.18

12. A Neck/Back/Shoulder/Everywhere Else That Hurts Deep Tissue Massager, $39.99

13. TLC for Your Hands after Washing Them Vigorously All Year Long, $14.99

14. An Efficient (But Effective) Gratitude Journal, $22.90

15. And, Lastly, Any of These Comfy T-shirts

Prescribing a Dose of Love T-shirt, $17.99+

Public Health Saves Lives T-shirt, $12.00+

I’m Not the Nurse T-shirt, $23.95+

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor T-shirt, $15.74+

☑ Doctor T-shirt, $26.75+

Please note: HealthJobsNationwide.com receives no compensation for recommending these items and makes no warranties regarding their safety. Items listed above should be evaluated individually for potential risks and hazards.