Mindfulness Is the Key to Physician Burnout

Researchers have turned their attention on mindfulness benefits on physician burnout and physician stress relief and are finding promising results.

from KevinMD

Mindfulness has gained a lot of awareness and attention over the last few years as the medical community has set out to find strategies for prevention of physicians burnout. What has been coined “mindfulness-based stress reduction” or “mindfulness” is a principle proven long before medical researchers decided to reduce it to treatment strategy to promote acceptance among the physician community. This very useful tool today is becoming widely used in our community, where it was once viewed as “fluff” or “quackery.”

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1 thought on “Mindfulness Is the Key to Physician Burnout”

  1. Warning: Hyperbole ahead.
    It is so reassuring to know it is the physician’s fault, that we did not practice mindfulness. The current environment of medicine of the business of medicine has nothing to do with why it is so hard to do what is right for the patient.
    If only Moses had practiced mindfulness, there would be more pyramids. (Yeah, I know, evidence suggests the pyramids were built by paid labor, but you get my point.)

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