Natural Disasters Make Strong Case for EHRs

Though the implementation of electronic health records has come with its problems and has had its share of critics in our hospitals and health systems, many studies have highlighted their benefits, including improved access to and organization of patient data, providing the ability to make more timely decisions regarding care, improved communication and care coordination, a reduction in clerical tasks, and more.

However, one benefit of EHRs that is often overlooked is how invaluable they can be when disasters strike. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s recent devastation of the greater Houston, Texas area and Hurricane Irma’s potentially imminent destruction of Florida, it is certainly a point worth making.

Is your hospital ready to face Mother Nature’s wrath? If not, Primary Protection: Enhancing Health Care Resilience for a Changing Climate, a toolkit from the Department of Health and Human Services, provides an in-depth guide for how to create sustainable and resilient hospitals in the face of climate change and natural disasters.

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