Pain: Everything Works, but Nothing is Effective

Treating pain is challenging, but doing what we have always done will not move us to better care with these individuals.

from Evidence in Motion

When treating patients, some therapists love their treatment of choice and share their testimonials of how it works. While other therapists love to bash that treatment of choice and share the research on how that treatment has not been shown to be effective. I don’t even want to begin the laundry list of “tools” in the “toolbox” that PTs seem to pile up course after course when learning to treat their patients in pain. My hope is one day we can move past the methods (tools) of treating an individual in pain and understand the principles that can help. After attending #APTACSM 2017 in San Antonio this year, I continue to wonder if many therapists struggle with how their methods/tools fit into the principles of pain neuroscience.

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