“Physician Misery Index” Climbs to 3.94/5

Despite efforts being made to raise awareness of physician burnout, a healthcare analytics company has announced their Physician Misery Index is now a 3.94 out of 5.

Last week, Geneia, a healthcare analytics company, revealed their Physician Misery Index, a tool the company created to measure national physician satisfaction, has increased to 3.94 out of 5, up from January 2015’s score of 3.78, despite the efforts being made to raise awareness of physician burnout.

To determine the score, the company conducted a nationwide survey in July of 2018 of 300 full-time physicians, all of which have been practicing post-residency medicine for more than four years.

The survey’s findings, which contributed to the bump in the Index, include:

  • 80% of surveyed physicians said they feel they are personally at risk for burnout at some point in their career.
  • Nearly all respondents (96%) reported they have personally witnessed or personally experienced negative impacts as a result of physician burnout.
  • 66% said the challenges of practicing medicine in today’s environment have caused them to consider career options outside of clinical practice.
  • 89% said the “business and regulation of healthcare” has changed the practice of medicine for the worse.

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