Steal this Recruiter’s Tips to Land the Perfect Job

Seeking a competitive advantage to help you land your perfect job? Look no further than this advice from a clinician who has been involved in hiring.

By Jordan G Roberts, PA-C

No matter your profession, job searching can be hard. On top of the everyday challenges, the internet has no shortage of advice with questionable authority.

There are entire blogs written by human resources professionals filled with tips and insights they say will help you land any job. However, they don’t fully address the unique needs of a clinician’s job search.

When it comes to hiring healthcare professionals, employers have the advantage of hiring consultants if necessary. Where can clinicians turn when they need a new job?

Recruiters and healthcare-specific job boards like are one source. They can tell you what characteristics clients are seeking for certain positions, which is great.

Another strategy is to obtain insider tips. In today’s article, we have tips and advice from one of the premier sources for hiring PA’s and NP’s. Renee Dahring, FNP is a former owner of a clinician staffing agency and current correctional healthcare NP.

One of the best places you can find job search advice and strategies is a clinician who has been involved in the hiring process. This article expands on my interview with NP Dahring from the Clinician1 podcast.

Read the article and get the competitive advantage that will help you land your perfect job by clicking here. Once you’ve soaked it all up, come back to to put your new skills in action.

Jordan G Roberts, PA-C helps medical education companies create and distribute the best medical education around. He helps students and clinicians improve their clinical game by using his background in neuroscience to teach simple ways to learn complex medical topics. He is a published researcher, national speaker, and medical writer. He can be found at Modern MedEd where he promotes clinical updates, medical writing, and medical education.

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