Study: Manual Therapy Works as Well as, and Sometimes Better than, Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

from PT in Motion

Authors of a new study on carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) say that when you toss out the splints, steroid injections, lasers, and other treatments often lumped in with physical therapy as part of a “conservative” approach and focus solely on a debate about surgery vs specific multimodal physical therapy, physical therapy makes a compelling case for itself.

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    Great reads
    I am suppose to have surgery due to
    Severe carpel tunnel sensory and moter issues
    Iam a massage therapist of 23 years and truly do not want surgery
    I’ve been working different areas on myself trying to get relief
    But your article is just what I have been saying all along to the Dr
    Wish I knew someone in my area to work their magic

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