Summer Reading for the Stressed Out Healthcare Practitioner

Are you tired of feeling unhealthy, stressed out, overwhelmed, but you don’t know where to start? Well, guess what? In my NEW #1 International Best-Selling book, Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life at Any Age, I teach you how to change your life, become healthier, build your confidence and become more successful than you ever imagined possible.

As a nurse practitioner for the past 41 years I know what it’s like to be stressed out and unhealthy while meeting everyone else’s needs. But you can’t serve from an empty vessel. It’s time for you to become healthy so you can be a role model for your patients, family and community and, most of all feel, good about yourself. That’s powerful medicine. So, join me as I challenge you to jumpstart your health and new life TODAY.

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Dr. Mimi Secor is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Women’s Health for 36 years and is a popular National Speaker and Consultant, educating advanced practice clinicians and consumers around the country and the world.

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