5 Unexpected Reasons to Choose Locum Tenens

You’ve heard of locum tenens, but you may be overlooking signs that it’s right for you. Here are a five to look out for.

by Sandy Garrett, President of Jackson & Coker

“How do I know if working locum tenens is right for me?”

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most at Jackson & Coker, a healthcare staffing firm that helps physicians and advanced practitioners find locum tenens, locums-to-permanent and telehealth jobs nationwide.

In my experience working with locum tenens providers over the past few decades, I see qualities in certain people that make them great fits for locums.

Here are five signs locums is right for you:

  1. You’re mission-driven. As a mission-driven physician or advanced practitioner, you may feel confined by your physical location and unable to reach as many patients as you want. Locum tenens providers are able to serve where they are needed, whether that’s in an underserved community or in an area affected by a natural disaster or other crisis.
  2. You have student loans. We’re seeing now more than ever that young physicians and advanced practitioners are choosing locums straight out of med school. Some are choosing locums full-time, while others see it as a way to supplement their income as they pay off debt. Just one weekend of locums a month could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket each year.
  3. You’re ready to work less. Locums gives retiring providers the opportunity to continue to practice and help patients. But you’ll also have the flexibility for travel or spending extra time with your family.
  4. You hate paperwork. You got into medicine to treat patients, not do administrative work. Locums lets you bypass admin headaches and get back to the basics of patient care.
  5. You have wanderlust. Some people just love to travel. If your dream is to hit the road (or sky), meet new people and experience new things, locums is a great opportunity for you.

Locum tenens allows you to take control of your career and work the way you want. Visit jacksoncoker.com to get started.

Sandy Garrett is President of Jackson & Coker, one of the most well-recognized healthcare staffing firms in the United States. The firm helps physicians and advanced practitioners find locum tenens, locums-to-permanent and telehealth jobs at facilities nationwide, ensuring patients have access to life-saving care in their own communities. It has been ranked a “Best Staffing Firm to Work For” by Staffing Industry Analysts.

Disclaimer: The viewpoint expressed in this article is the opinion of the author and is not necessarily the viewpoint of the owners or employees at Healthcare Staffing Innovations, LLC.