Debt and the DPT: What Went Wrong?

The majority of PT students will have more than $70K in student loan debt at the time of graduation, making some therapists question whether elevating PT education requirements was the right move.

from Evidence in Motion

Last month, my team and I released the results of our second annual State of Rehab Therapy industry survey, and while some of our findings aligned with expectations, there were several data points that left us pondering—and worrying about—potential implications for the profession as a whole. One such finding: The astounding levels of debt reported by DPT students. According our survey results, the majority of PT students (more than half) will have more than $70,000 in student loan debt at the time of graduation, and over one-third will owe more than $100,000.

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1 thought on “Debt and the DPT: What Went Wrong?”

  1. I saw this dilemma coming years ago. I am a retired Bachelor’s graduate. Universities and colleges saw an opportunity with a popular career and the opportunity to make more money. I thought the Master’s was good, but the Doctorate only really benefits the educational institutions. I personally think that this “holds back” many capable, smart, talented, and compassionate students. This is not to mention productive years lost by these people.

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