Kick off Your 2020 Job Search with These Awesome Therapy Jobs

If you’re a PT, OT, or SLP who made a resolution to find a new job in 2020, this list of openings is a fantastic place to start your search.

The ball has dropped and 2020 is here and, if you are like many others, the new year brings with it the resolution to find a new job. Perhaps you have stagnated in your current role, or you are seeking a position with higher pay or a more flexible schedule, or maybe this is the year you want to really mix things up and dive into travel assignments. Whatever the reason you are pursuing a change, we are behind you. Ready your résumé and take a look at some of the excellent opportunities available on our site to start your 2020 job search strong.

Physical Therapy Openings:

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Occupational Therapy Openings:

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Speech Language Pathology Openings:

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