3 States with the Most Demand for Physicians

The physician workforce, like virtually every other industry, was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing staggering job losses as the virus—and the economic fallout associated with it—swept the nation. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, physicians are obviously essential in a way that most other professions currently are not, and hiring remains steady, with the healthcare industry adding back more than 250,000 jobs during July, August, and September.

Where is the demand for physicians the greatest, though? We analyzed data from our jobs website to determine what states currently have the highest inventory of openings. Here are the top three states where physicians are needed most.

1. California

Average Annual Physician Salary in California: $203,320

Noteworthy Openings in California:

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2. Pennsylvania

Average Annual Physician Salary in Pennsylvania: $201,220

Noteworthy Openings in Pennsylvania:

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3. New York

Average Annual Physician Salary in New York: $194,070

Noteworthy Openings in New York:

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